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Operational Strategy.

Research, Analysis, Monitoring, Evaluation / Auditing, Rating.. to be manage by a Professional Team.


"We have not inherited the world from our forefathers, we have borrowed it from our children".

The Birth of an Idea......FRAME CSR :

In August 2008, Tefla's had taken the initiative along with Times of India to organize a conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, where diverse group of business leaders , representatives from the Govt. , Academics and Social Sector came together and shared their views and experiences on several fronts of Social Responsibility Movement.

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Basic Principles of FRAME CSR :



2.Accountability to all Stakeholders Across its Sphere of Influence

  A. Core Operations
     1. Right of Workers
        i.  Health & Safety
        ii. Work / Life Balance
        iii.Forced or Compulsory Labour
        iv. Right to Freedom of Association Assembly and Collective 
Bargaining v. Anti-discrimination Measures in Recruitment, Development and
Promotion vi. Privacy of Personal Information and Grievance Re-dressal vii.Fair Remuneration and Social Security Provision 2. Environment Protection 3. Financial Accountbaility B. Business Partners and Suppliers / Vendor Partners C. Value chain (Business Customers) i. User Saftey ii. Unfair Payments iii.Product / Service Responsibility D. Consumers i. Positive / Negative Impacts of Goods and Services including their
misuse. ii.Anti – Competitive Practices i. User Guidance ii.Advertising and Publicity A. Communities i. Health and Social Impacts e.g. waters, livelihoods,
discrimination ii. Land Acquisition iii.Right to freedom of Religion iv. Right of a community to associate, to act collectively and to
have freedom of speech v. Rights of indigenous peoples vi. Business must value and protect traditional knowledge B. Government